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Hey! I'm so glad you're here!

My passion for cooking and baking all began as a young tween who loved watching cooking competitions on TV. I thought, "Hey! I could do that!" and with the help and inspiration of my older sisters (and Gordon Ramsay - haha!) I quickly fell in love with the world of cooking and have never looked back since.

Along the way of my cooking-frenzy, I was introduced to the Paleo-style of eating by some good family-friends. I dove into research of all kinds about eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet. Many podcasts, articles, Youtube videos, and books later, and I was definitely what one would call a health-nut! Being a sweet-tooth, I adored how you could still bake in a clean and more gut-friendly manner all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle! I hope you'll be inspired by that, too.

Later, my older sister encouraged me to create an Instagram page to post all my creations! So, on a whim, I whipped out my phone, jokingly named myself "The Sprouting Nut", and began to create and post away.

Although I had no experience in photography, it came very quickly to me! My mom, however, is a certified professional photographer, has an amazing camera, and gave me many pointers on how to use a camera to begin with. (Thanks, mom!)

My hope for The Sprouting Nut is to help others to get back into the kitchen without fear of failure or mistakes. I hope to be an encouragement to everyone, so that they themselves will cook nourishing and fun foods at home, and begin to love it as much as I do!


So, grab a bowl & some almond flour, and get baking with me!





The Sprouting


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